For more than 7 years now, we are proud to be the only manufacturers of components for LED lighting in Ukraine. Thanks to modern technologies, LRC manufactures the best LED modules and power supplies quickly and unlimited.

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The enterprise has a number of production advantages over its competitors:

– own installation line for SMD electronic components;
– installation site of output DIP electronic components;
– a wet section for the production of inductors and transformers;
– assembly site and QC (quality control).

LED Light
modules and blocks
food fast, in unlimited sizes

Contract manufacturing includes a full range of services from the development and design of an electronic device to a complete set of customer products and OEM production. Based on the statement of work, we develop a schematic diagram of a device with a selection of components according to their functional purpose, manufacturer and optimal price, create a printed circuit board topology and prepare PCB production, and manufacture a prototype of the product. At the request of the customer, we can start mass production of electronic devices after agreeing with him all the stages of production: packaging and prices; installation and quality control; payment and deadlines.

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