T8 LED Lights Series LRC-T8S0600G13-57-8W

T8 LED Lights Series LRC-T8S0600G13-57-8W

  • Supply voltage, В, АС: 170-265
  • Rated power, Вт: -
  • Power Consumption, Вт: 8 Вт, cos ϕ > 0.95
  • Power factor, cos ϕ: -
  • Light flow, Lm: 1000
  • Colorful temperature, К: 5700
  • Color rendering index, Ra: -
  • Degree of protection IP: -
  • Material: -
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LED lamps LRC-T8S0600G13 under the base of G13 are analogs of fluorescent lamps produced by LRC according to TU U 27.4-35011739-001: 2012.

The main advantage of LRC-T8S0600G13 lamps is the possibility of direct replacement in luminaires of the type ЛПП and ЛПО 2х18 or 4х18 with EM ballast without changing the circuit of the luminaire. You do not need to carry out additional work on their installation, change the connection scheme, just remove the starter and install the lamp, the throttle remains in the circuit.

The developers of the model LRC-T8S0600G13 went further and today there are LED lamps T8, which work in the scheme with electronic ballasts.

All lamps have been tested for compliance with the requirements of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine resolution No. 992 of 15.10.2012 and comply with the national standards for LED lamps of DSTU IEC 62560: 2012, DSTU IEC / PAS 62612: 2012.

LED bulbs LRC-T8S0600G13 – replacement of fluorescent, fully correspond to the type of socle – G13, diameter of the bulb – 26 mm, size 0.6 m. In the production of LED lamps, CREE, OSRAM and EVERLIGHT LEDs are used with a high efficiency class (up to 200 Lumen / W) and a high CRI color rendering index.

We also develop T8 lamps on request, you can define such parameters as power, luminous flux, glow color. According to your order, each LRC lamp can work through the throttle, that is, it is enough to remove the starter and the bulb is simply installed in place of the fluorescent lamp, no commutation in the luminaire is no longer required.

Also in this series are offered a special spectrum of luminescence:

– for meat products – pink (PINK)

– for bread and cheese – yellow (2400 K)

– for plants – a phyto lamp.