PLC technology based lighting management system by

smartAC is a technology that allows to control luminaires and lamps via a 110 or 230 VAC power line for 10 km distance.
PE “Light Route” developed system includes hardware and software which allows to regulate and control luminaires power consumption over power line

Key features and benefits

  • Smooth adjustment of the brightness of luminaires with a given step from 1, 2, 3 .. to 100%.
  • Addressable control of luminaires with the ability to operate the luminaire according to an astronomical scenario or a custom schedule.
  • Group control of lamps with the ability to work a group of lamps according to an astronomical scenario or a custom schedule.
  • Full diagnostic functionality, line break alert.
  • Online monitoring of electricity consumption, notification of emergencies.
  • Autonomous operation of lamps.
  • Control of luminaires from any device connected to Internet via a secure channel.
  • Communication with the lighting control cabinet via RS-485, GSM, Ethernet.
  • Map with geodata for lighting fixtures and control cabinets.


The smartAC control system is based on PLC (Power Line Communication) technology, which allows control signals to be transmitted through the luminaire power lines. For lighting control, the distances over which control signals can be transmitted are also important, how far, without repeaters, can control signals be transmitted through the power line? 100, 200 or 500 m?

The smartAC lighting control system (LMS) developed by Light Route allows transmitting signals to control the luminaires over a distance of more than 10 km, without the use of amplifiers and for this you just need a pair of “zero-phase” wires.

All components of the smartAC control system, including software, are developed and mass-produced in Ukraine.

Принцип работы системы управления smartAC

The luminaires are equipped with an output dimmable power supply (PWM) and a decoder connected in parallel with the power input. The commands for controlling the luminaire are sent to the decoder through the power line and it sets the output current of the source supplying the LEDs.

Luminaire brightness levels, diagnostic requests, setting of lighting scenarios are set by the user through the smartAC software interface. The medium for transmitting control and monitoring commands is the Internet gateway for which a GSM communicator serves, which controls the units of line switches (BCL) installed in the lighting control cabinet (LCC). BKL sets the brightness levels of the luminaires of a certain line. It is possible to operate the luminaires according to the astronomical schedule or according to the schedule set by the user. The software provides the functionality and visualization of the diagnostics of work, the actual consumption of electricity. Urban lighting management is most relevant, the user is an authorized representative of Gorsvet or the relevant utility company.

smartAC provides

Group control of the luminaire power by discretely changing the current that supplies the LED modules of the luminaires
Possibility of remote control via HTTP protocol over the Internet.

In normal mode, by default, it works according to the astronomical schedule with the possibility of remote control in manual mode.
In autonomous mode, in the absence of a remote control signal, it works according to an astronomical schedule.

Power control takes place along the power lines, regardless of their length, type and configuration.
The maximum switching power per phase is 7 kW.

The speed of establishing the specified operating mode of the luminaire for a time not exceeding 60 s.

Monitoring and diagnostics of electricity consumption and faults, indication and alerts via the software user interface.
Automatic transition to the autonomous mode of control according to the astronomical schedule in the event of a failure in the communication line.

Software smartAC

The dimmer in the MANUAL mode sets the brightness of the luminaires with levels as a percentage of the maximum (the number of gradations and levels can be changed by agreement with the Customer).

The graph graphically displays the current brightness level.

Individual control of brightness and MANUAL / ASTRO mode is possible for each street.

In automatic mode, outdoor lighting is controlled according to the astronomical schedule table, which is agreed with the Customer at the stage of installing the street lighting control system. The chart graphically displays the brightness level versus the time of day for the current date.

When you press the COUNTER button, the data on electricity consumption by power lines for the current day and the previous day is displayed. Data on electricity consumption is stored in a database, their presentation and output can be adapted to the requirements of the Customer.

Pokhmuro mode increases the lighting time by 15 minutes from the value of the astronomical schedule table.

The astronomical timetable map shows the brightness value corresponding to the time of day for the current date and is a graphical display of the astronomical timetable table.

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