About us

For more than 15 years of work in the LED lighting market, we have established serial production of LED power supply units and drivers - the most important components of any LED lamp. We have a wide line of LED modules for all types of lamps, for which we offer a wide range of lenses. Our LED lights, power supplies, drivers, lighting controllers compete with the products of the world's leading manufacturers. The constant quality and reliability of our products allowed us to establish effective cooperation both with large buyers and with all Ukrainian manufacturers of LED lighting.

Milestones of development


Activities and first attempts to introduce LEDs in lighting systems


Contract manufacturing and development department


The first Ukrainian T8 LED lamp

LRC lead

Ukrainian manufacturer of T8 lamps


Production of power supplies and luminaires LRC-LED-Armstrong


Power supplies released per month exceeded 5000 pcs


Under the LRC brand, more than 10,000 lighting fixtures have been produced


Business features and directions

Today, the LRC company offers a wide selection of LED modules, drivers, power supplies for the production of lamps, spotlights and LED equipment. We actively cooperate with large industry enterprises in the supply of components and power supply units, as well as materials for LED production. Our prices and terms of cooperation will pleasantly surprise new customers, you will find everything you need and receive professional advice from us.

The company occupies a leading position in the commercial and industrial lighting market. Over many years of work, we have accumulated a lot of experience in the implementation of LED lighting projects with the aim of saving electricity, increasing the reliability of lamps and improving the quality of light. We are approached by large retail chains, office centers, and industrial enterprises. And also retail chains, jewelry stores in search of a solution for window lighting.

We offer our customers a new solution – the smartAC lighting management system, which uses PLC (Power Line Communication) technology to transmit control signals to lamps directly via the 220 V, AC power line. The smartAC technology allows you to optimize energy consumption and target the brightness of lamps in large manufacturing and industrial enterprises, on city streets, in large shopping centers. The control system may be of interest to agribusiness, as it allows you to adjust lighting on livestock farms, chicken coops, as well as greenhouses and greenhouses.

High-quality LED components and lamps from a leading manufacturer.

Our customers

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